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The Team

The PACE-UP trial is managed by an experienced medical research team which includes doctors, nurses, epidemiologists and statisticians.

The team is led by Dr Tess Harris who is a general practitioner and senior lecturer at St George’s University of London.  Dr Harris has undertaken several studies of physical activity in general practice settings.


Key members of the PACE-UP team are:

Cheryl Furness, Trial Manager - Cheryl is responsible for the day to day management of the study.

Charlotte Wahlich, Research Assistant - Charlotte works directly with general practices and patients.

The Pragmatic Clinical Trial Unit at Queen Marys University of London help us manage the study data and provide quality assurance for the conduct of the study.


The other investigators who provide clinical and scientific expertise to the study are:

St George's University of London

Professor Derek Cook, Professor of Epidemiology
Professor Peter Whincup, Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Dr Michael Ussher, Reader in Health Psychology


Brunel University

Professor Christina Victor, Professor of Gerontology and Public Health
Professor Julia Fox-Rushby, Professor of Health Economics


Queen Marys University of London

Sally Kerry, Reader in Medical Statistics


University College London

Professor Steve Iliffe, Professor of Primary Care for Older People


MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge

Dr Ulf Ekelund,  Group Leader of the Physical Activity Epidemiology Programme



This project was funded by the National Institute for Health Research under the Health Technology Assessment Programme (project number 10/32/02).